UKanTeach Secondary Mathematics and Science Teacher Preparation

Recruiting, developing, and retaining a new generation of mathematics and science teachers and communicators

UKanTeach is a collaborative program of the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences and the School of Education that is the pathway to secondary mathematics and science teachering at the University of Kansas. The UKanTeach certificate program is designed to be completed along with a STEM discipline Bachelor of Science (B.S.) or Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) degree to fulfill the requirements necessary for the Teaching Certificate in your desired area of licensure: mathematics, biology, chemistry, earth and space science, or physics. If you wish to teach secondary (grades 6-12) math or science, then UKanTeach can help.

What can UKanTeach offer you?

By completing the program students will fulfill the course requirements necessary to gain state licensure eligibility in the above mentioned areas of licensure to become a secondary teacher in Kansas.

  • One Degree -- Many Career Options
  • Graduate in 4 years with a degree in math or science and a teaching license.
  • Start as a freshman, sophomore, or junior.
  • Sign up for LA&S 290, to explore teaching science/mathematics in local schools.

MORE INFORMATION ON UKanTeach Secondary STEM Teacher Preparation Program

The Center for STEM Learning prepares the secondary mathematics and science teachers for the university through the UKanTeach STEM teacher development program.  This program has become the focal point of activity for the Center providing clear focus for the several elements of the Center’s mission.  In a four year program of study, undergraduate students in the UKanTeach program complete their BS or BA in mathematics and/or the natural sciences and the UKanTeach program courses to obtain a Bachelor’s degree and a secondary teaching license.  The program originated from a partnership between the KU College of Liberal Arts and Sciences (CLAS), the KU School of Education and Kansas school districts.  UKanTeach is a part of a national STEM teacher preparation reform effort that is an innovative and experimental approach to STEM teacher preparation undertaken by 44 universities.  Built on the prior work and the successful practices of the UTeach program (UT Austin) combined with innovations established by UKanTeach, the program has created a unique model that meets the learning and teaching needs of our undergraduate STEM students.  UKanTeach critical program elements include:

  • an intense, hands-on coaching model engaging students from initial recruitment, induction support, with in-service professional development and ongoing support throughout their career
  • UKanTeach program Scope and Sequence Matrix that encompasses all courses in the program, creating strong program coherency and the avoidance of unwarranted duplication across courses
  • early and ongoing field experience leading to a capstone student teaching experience
  • clinical faculty (Master Teachers) experts in teaching working with the students throughout their program
  • a very strong advising, tracking and academic support program
  • an engaged partnership with regional STEM classroom teachers
  • clearly developed partnerships with regional school districts

The program outcomes, as measured by the success of our students, are remarkable.  UKanTeach attracts top-quality students to teaching: students with an average GPA that exceeds both CLAS and university student averages and students whose general and the math ACT scores exceeds KU undergraduate and statewide student averages.  UKanTeach has awarded Robert Noyce Scholarships (NSF) to twenty-one (21) UKanTeach students from fall 2009 through spring 2014. One UKanTeach Physics student has been selected as a university Goldwater Scholar for 2013.  Student outcomes to date include UKanTeach students who have taken the Praxis PLT (pedagogy) test of which 22% earned a score that ranks them within the top fifteen percent of all test takers (all years).  UKanTeach students who have taken the Praxis Content test in their disciplines, 35% earned a score that ranks them within the top fifteen percent of all test takers.  In the fall of 2010, Kansas Department of Education launched the Kansas Performance Teaching Portfolio (KPTP), an extensive teaching performance evaluation completed during student teaching. Thirty-five (35) percent of the UKanTeach students who have taken the KPTP have earned exemplary scores, with one perfect score.

UKanTeach is an active participant in the Association of Public and Land Grant Universities (APLU) Science and Mathematics Teacher Imperative (SMTI).  The UKanTeach faculty and staff used the SMTI Analytic Framework (AF) to assess the quality of policies and practices of the UKanTeach program.  Evidence was gathered for each indicator and given consensus ranking (0 – 4).  The rankings and evidence were then reviewed and annotated by the Dean of the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences, the Dean of the School of Education, the Provost, and the Chancellor.  This process stimulated valuable communication within the program.  The UKanTeach program has been a dramatic change in the way KU produces STEM teachers.  Working with the framework, evaluating individual indicators demonstrated that program elements interact to synergistically create emergent program strengths that can then be effectively articulated to all the natural science and mathematics departments and administrative levels of the university.  Such a significant change in culture is very difficult at a Research One university but UKanTeach has successfully managed this cultural change and is now serving as a model for change in Undergraduate STEM education at the University.

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